Kontakt 2021 - 2023

In 2021 - 2023 Kontakt performed in collaboration with dancer and choreographer Mira Jägemar. The constellation performed at Fängelset, at Världskulturmuseet during the Gothenburg Fringe Festival and at Konstepidemin during 13festivalen. 

The shows, though very differrent, were heavily influenced by meeting in movement and creating stories by exploring each others' disciplines, while giving and sharing space. 

Mira Jägemar

Dancer and Choreographer

Mira is a freelance dancer based in Örebro who graduated from the Gothenburg Ballet Academy. Prior to that, she studied dance art at two different folk universities, specialising in contemporary dance and improvisation. During her studies in Gothenburg she participated in two productions at the Gothenburg Opera House, and was also part of the Spinn Unga dance company. Mira also teaches dance courses and hosts workshops in different cities all over Sweden.