Kontakt @ Atalante 2022

In 2022 Kontakt was invited to share a work in progress during "Destination" at Atalante. Terese and Emma together performed a new concept, exploring a different way to make contact with the audience and to tell stories by being in the moment. 

The showcase was followed by a very interesting discussion with the audience and artistic leader Niklas Rydén about improvisation, throwing yourself out into the unknown and creating stories by listening. 

Destination Atalante

A stage and venue for the innovative and experimental

Destination Atalante is Atalante’s meeting place for audiences and artists in performing arts, music, film, text and visual arts. Artists are invited from different art fields to talk about their work, show excerpts from pieces in progress and discuss current issues in the art field. Destination Atalante puts meetings and the conversations between artists and audience in focus and wants to encourage cross–border innovation, and inspire new collaborations.